Saturday, December 26, 2009

cinnamon rolls

My wonderful friend Becky sent my the Pioneer women's cookbook for my birthday. Honest it is like the best gift i have been given all year. The pictures are amazing. I could not wait to make the cinnamon rolls. The best part is that after you make the dough it can be kept in the fridge for THREE days before making or you can make them right then. I actually left mine in for 3 days and they were amazing. we did not make the frosting she did because i can not stand anything that taste like coffee but if i was going to take these anywhere i would have. i just can not get over how easy they were. I am not listing the recipe because I would love you to visit her blog and follow her recipe


Christine said...

Hi there,
Thank you for all the sweet comments on my blog. :) I've been looking at all your recipes...what a baker you are! Those cinnamon rolls look yummy!!!

I too have 4 children and love the scrapbook and make cards. I just wish I would make more time for the scrapbooking and card making. :)


lovingmylife said...

Oh Yummy! You are the second person who has raved over her cookbook! hmmm....maybe I should have asked for it :)

Ms. G said...

Trouble in the kitchen could absolutely be a theme for my blog too... thanks for stopping over to my blog!

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