Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Faith and being stretched

This morning I had my first OB. I was not concerned since we had a good ultrasound on Friday. I was beyond excited to hear the heart beat for the first time.
Sadly the doctor spent well over 20 minutes with multiple dopplers and could not find a heart beat. They did blood work to see if my hormone levels are where they should be.
I am having faith that the baby is just laying in a weird location since things looked good last Friday. They said they would call me this evening or tomorrow with how the blood work results.
Please pray that this baby is being stubborn and my levels are normal.
I did have to laugh because it is always hard to get blood. There is only two person who will even try and they both had trouble today. I always feel bad when they can not get it. My arms did enjoy the new bright colored band aids


Senor Pelon said...

Praying for a healthy strong baby for you!

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