Saturday, January 22, 2011

Pumpkin Butter

Yum, Yumm and yummier is all I can say. Did I tell you that I cooked 195 pounds of pumpkin this fall. YUMMY! My bestest friend (you know my BFF) called me and gave me this recipe. She had tweeked it a little and then I tweeked it a little more. My hero liked it with more sugar.
The recipe is super simple
1. pull out your crock pot
2. plug it in (for those of you who have not had caffeine yet I thought I would remind you)
3. pour 7 cups pumpkin, 1/2 cup apple sauce or apple juice (I used apple sauce), 2t ground ginger, 1t ground cloves, 4t cinnamon, 2t nutmeg and then here is where it gets interesting. Add 2 cups brown sugar or 1cup brown sugar and one cup white sugar. We ended up using one cup brown sugar and probably 3 cups sugar.
4. stir and let set in crock pot for 2-4 hours. We stirred tasted and maybe added more sugar ever 30 minutes or so.

Did I tell you this was so yummy. I have used it on pancakes and toast and biscuits and tomorow I am going to show you how I used it in cookies. Oh man this is yummy. I honestly have made 3 batches of it. It makes a great thank you gift.


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