Saturday, April 2, 2011

Giant Cupcake

This week I am going to show you something a little different than a recipe. My husband has asked me for a year to buy a large cupcake pan. I have said no way am I spending $20 on a pan I will rarely use.
I am surprised I have not gotten one for every holiday that has passed. A couple of weeks ago I was in Marshall’s and happen to find one. I picked it up and saw a $5.99 price tag. I decided right then that I would buy it.
I was a little disappointed in the size. I think I assumed it would be the size of a 2 round cakes but it is a little smaller. Not complaining, I just thought it would be bigger. The first one I made was chocolate and chocolate. This time I made one for my husband and used the filler insert. I made a strawberry cake with strawberry filling as the middle. I am really looking forward to decorating it with my 8 and 9 year olds at Heritage Girls this week.
I used one cake mix, half a can of frosting and one box of strawberry pudding; it only used half the box of pudding. We want to try ice cream the next time. Have you used one of these specialty cake pans? I saw one today that looked like a donut. That one looked fun.


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