Sunday, October 18, 2009

lemonade and apple sauce

This morning we watched Sid the Science kid. They made apple sauce so I told my kids if they helped me straighten up then we would make home made apple sauce. Then I called my neighboor to ask if she wanted to come down and make it with us. That way I was motivated to clean up. They had a good time but I have to be honest, I am not good with a knife and it took a long time to peel the apples. They even ate the lemons before we made lemonade. I let the bigger girls make lemonade and stir it, but we forgot to say use cold water, so our lemonade was warm and then i did not add sugar so it was more like lemon water. The apples were good, I did not cook them long enough to smash, but I do think I will make some next time in the crock pot and make a bunch to keep. One day I want to learn to make apple butter. OH yummy


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