Sunday, October 18, 2009

quick and easy dinners

We are constantly looking for ideas for dinner. Honestly, by the end of the day I am toast. I wish I knew where I came up with this idea but it was a HUGE hit. Take tortilla shells and put pizza sauce and whatever pizza topping you like. Bake and eat. So easy and no real clean up. The other thing we have been doing is taking tortilla shells and sprinkling with cheese and microwaving. Yes, I stole the idea from taco bell.
Okay, I decided to make donuts tonight. I buy the cheap biscuits. Fry in oil, roll in cinnamon sugar. For some reason, today the cinnamon sugar was a little too much. we have dipped them in icing before and that worked great. Normally I make all four containers of biscuits but tonight we only made one. That way we would not be tempted to eat them all. Dinner was a great success and everyone loved it.


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