Sunday, October 18, 2009

thrifty shopping

8 count them 8 things of parchment paper at $1.75 a piece
6 boxes of cereal
2 boxes of cereal bars
2 boxes of cereal sticks
2 boxes of oatmeal
9 count them 9 things of peanut butter
3 bags of marshmallows
7 count them 7 bags of chocolate chips
2 things of tortilla shells
1 peanut butter cracker
4 waters
3 sodas
it seems like something else but I can not remember. That is 6 bags of groceries for less than 50 dollars.
I stopped at a gas station to pick up a drink for a friend and saw a discount grocery store next door so I went in. I felt like a child on Christmas morning. The lady must think I am nuts because I was so happy. If you want to visit this place it is in Gurley, maybe 20-25 minutes away. And the best part is right across the street is a AWESOME, AMAZING scrapbook/ homeschooling store. It is wonderful.


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