Sunday, October 18, 2009

Rainbow cake

I made the rainbow cake they featured on MckMamma and loved it. I did it a little differently. I made 6 different cake mixes. Because i was making 2 rainbow cakes and then I used the extra to make cupcakes. I used the coloring I use to make my icing normally.
I did freeze it between every 2 layers and then for a few hours before i took it out of the house. The second one I took to my homeschool group and it set out for over 4 hours and still looked good. I used about a cup and a quarter of each color. Everyone loved it.
by the way tonight is my pampered chef show if you would like to place a order, you do not even need to live locally.
I saw this recipe on

Will sell this round six layer cake for $30 each


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